The Solutions

Grocery Tote:
Reinforced with extended handles and bottom board. This bag is ready to meet all your grocery packaging needs. Able to hold a single load up to 50 lbs, the real question is, are YOU ready for this bag?

Wine Bag

Tired of trying to hold more than 2 or 3 bottles of wine at a time? We have the solution for you: Our Custom Designed Wine Bag. Elegantly designed with grape artwork, sturdy and lightweight. Out with the cartons, in with the bags!

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Ecoplas Bag

Pan Pacific / Ecoplas Bringing Earth-Friendly Bag Solutions to the Foodservice Industr.

Finally a solution! Consumers are demanding environmentally friendly packaging, but how do retailers balance this desire and not break the bank? How can retailers be environmentally sensitive and adhere to the call of local legislatures seeking to eliminate low cost plastic carryout bags?
Ecoplas holds the key…

Download Ecoplas PDF flyer

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Poly Denim Bag

This new twist on PET is manufactured by reusing 100% recycled materials in the production process. This results in a reduction of resources that would have otherwise been used from our Mother Earth.

By performing a specialized technique, the image of the "stone washed denim" appearance is enhanced. These bags are offered with denim stitching, brand label tag, reinforced cardboard bottom, exterior pocket and metal rivets. Creative designs can be produced from shoppers to backpacks.

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RPA Trade Show & Conference-Best New Product of 2008
2008 idX Green Product Challenge Winner


Non Woven Bamoo Bag

Non Woven Bamboo Bags are made in a durable 100 gsm weight. These bags have unique characteristics such as:

  • made from a renewable
  • plant resource
  • biodegradable
  • sustainable
  • breathable
  • washable
  • durable and reusable
  • soft silk smooth
  • natural ivory colors

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Non Woven Jute bag

Non Woven Jute Bags are made from a durable 100 gsm weight. These bags have unique characteristics such as:

  • made from a renewable plant resource
  • degradable jute and poly fibers
  • antibacterial properties
  • sustainable
  • durable
  • breathable
  • washable
  • reusable
  • soft smooth natural fibers
  • natural white and brown kraft colors
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Shopper bag
Make the perfect statement with our shopper bag. It comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors and prints. Express yourself with this one of a kind bag.
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Garment/Gown Bag
Everyone owns a nice piece of clothing. Whether it is a suit, dress, jacket or gown, when you put it in our garment/gown bag, you can be sure it will be kept in tip-top shape. Worries, be gone.
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What makes a bold marketing statement, is compact enough to fit in a glove compartment, and perfect for the beach? That's right folks, it's our Fold-A-Tote. There's more than meets the eye.
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Insulated Bag
What is worse than a warm beverage? Certainly not cold dinner. We present to you our insulated bag. Sturdy and creatively designed, you now can enjoy a cold beverage and a hot dinner, courtesy of our insulated bag.
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Gift Bag
How many times have you bought wrapping paper and thought to yourself, "What's the point of this? The kids are going to rip it right off with no second thoughts." Why do you think so many people use newspaper? Our answer to this? Our gift bag. It comes in virtually any size and is easy to use and reuse and reuse and….you get the point.
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