Pan Pacific Manufacturing presents:

"Planet Green World"

Project "Planet Green World" is an open forum created by Pan Pacific with the intention of promoting discussion and education of important environmental issues among citizens of the world. Pan Pacific believes that education leads to smart choices and smart choices will result in a cleaner, greener environment. It is with such a premise that Pan Pacific hopes to rid the earth of irresponsible and negligent disposal of waste while all the while increasing the practice of reusing, reducing and recycling. The earth is our home and Pan Pacific feels that we cannot afford to take it for granted much longer. Please join us in our endeavor.


What's New?



2010 New Product
- Ecoplas Bag

Ecoplas bag is an environmentally friendly bag which combines synthetic polymer with tapioca, a naturally abudant substance. It also utilizes micro-organisms in the soil, a free and abundant agent to help accelerate the degradation process. With modern technology, we are able to expedite the process of degradation Thus harnessing nature’s own elements to preserve itself.

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  jute bag

New Product
- Non-Woven Bamboo Bag

Non Woven Bamboo Bag is a rayon fabric made from a bamboo resources.. These innovative and stylish bags are also 100% biodegradable and they can be decomposed in the soil by micro-organisms and sunlight.

  jute bag

New Product
- It's Naturally Green!

Non Woven Jute Bags are made from a revolutionary eco-friendly natural fiber coming from a renewable plant resource. These bags contain degradable jute and poly fibers. The film is soft, smooth and breathable. They have antibacterial properties and are even washable. These sustainable and innovative bags are stylish and earth conscious alternative to paper, plastic and non woven PP shopping bags.



Combine “Green” with "Style” and you get “Poly Denim”. Pan Pacific Manufacturing is proud to introduce this new material that offers a stylish earth conscious alternative for packaging. It is made from recycled PET bottles. This new twist on PET is manufactured by reusing 100% recycled materials in the production process. This results in a reduction of resources that would have otherwise been used from our Mother Earth.


Check out our non-woven fact sheet and
the best features available in a reusable bag!

Help save the environment, educate yourself by reading Bill AB 2449

California is one of the first states in the Union to past a law that mandates that retailers offer its customers a reusable bag alternative.

Fact of the Day
  Over 19 billion plastic bags are disposed of annually in California, creating 147,038 tons of waste using over a million barrels of oil.  That means 600 bags are thrown away every second in a pointless cycle of disposal costing our economy and our environment.  
Other Highlights:

When one ton of paper bags is reused or recycled, three cubic meters of landfill space is saved and 13 - 17 trees are spared! In 1997, 955,000 tons of paper bags were used in the United States.

Tree seedling programs. Planting and public pick-up. Call the Conservation District for more information, 570-726-3196, ext. 5.

  The Winter Spare the Air season runs from November 1, 2009, through February 28, 2010. During this period, it will be illegal to burn wood, pellets, or manufactured fire logs when a Winter Spare the Air Alert is issued.
The Spare the Air Program was established by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to educate people about air pollution and to encourage them to change their behavior to improve air quality.